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Keyword Research Services:

Some keyword phrases are highly competitive while others might be infrequently used in search. Keyword research helps you to target the most effective keywords for your website.

Identifying and researching a possible set of keywords, used by your potential customers.
Developing and researching additional keywords based upon the clients industry.
Determining the most popular keywords, and using them as the core targets for your SEO and PPC management.

Keyword research will ensure a market leading SEO Service

According to Platinum Web a general principle in keyword research is those keywords, which are most widely searched, are also the most competitive. However this does not mean you should target the most popular phrases because these could potentially have a poor conversion rate due to being untargeted.
Keyword research…

…uses the keyword effectiveness index (KEI) to measure how effective a keyword is for a website. The keyword effectiveness index compares the number of times a keyword is searched for with the number of competing web pages for that keyword, to help pinpoint exactly which keywords are most effective for your SEO campaign.

Click Digital Marketing are experts in professional keyword research and look at a number of aspects.

Keyword appropriateness and relevance, it is important that the key phrases targeted are appropriate and relevant to the website of the organization, or business and it’s products/services. When carrying out keyword research we will work with you to ensure that the correct keywords are targeted.
Keyword competitiveness:

The level of competitiveness affects how easily (or otherwise) a top position on search engine results pages can be achieved.
Sometimes it is better to target less competitive phrases to produce a good return on investment
Keyword research will reveal the level of competitiveness for your target keywords and key phrases.

Keyword frequency:

The search phrases that are searched more often are those that will drive the most traffic to your website. Therefore our professional keyword research service will identify those keywords, which have a level of search frequency. Keyword value: The keywords used must have value to the website owners. By identifying the most valuable keywords through professional keyword research for a website, we will ensure that those targeted will produced the most value.

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