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What’s involved?:

Many of our clients wish to offer an SEO service but dont have the time, inclination or skills to provide this. Click enables people to offer a market leading service.
How it works:

Here you have two options, shall we be dealing with the client direct or would you prefer to handle this yourselves?

Our main focus is achieving our clients aims, so this part is of major importance. There are certain key factors, which change how we conduct our optimisation process, complex needs analysis ensures we use the right techniques.
The White Label Service from Click Digital Marketing

Benefits of the Click White Label Service

To your clients, it will look like you are doing the work yourselves. I mean, you found the opportunity, why not take advantage? You will also receive commission each month for each client you are able to sign up, meaning this could be a lucrative opportunity. There is literally no work for you to do. We provide you with the reports. You add your branding and voila!
It is better to work with Click.

We at Click have worked hard to make our service as good as the best in the SEO market but at realistic prices. We can see that sometimes people are not getting what they pay for. This is basically because they are receiving an inferior service.

For example, our team of journalists are able to provide, interesting, relevant and styled content. Our search marketeers will analyse your company identity and work out how this can be protrayed on the web. Finally, our consultants will ensure that your campaign is delivered successfully.

Most companies will look at your site, make a few changes, add a few links and there you have it, fingers crossed. In fact, the world of SEO has moved on a long way since this was acceptable. We are not going to give away our secrets but lets just say that there have been advances in technologies over the last couple of years which can transform the way in which your site is seen. This increases traffic and sales.

Contact Us to discuss your SEO white label needs:
Here Our Plans
White Label and Click

It seems more and more of our clients are choosing to white label our SEO service.
Most people now see the importance of SEO in order to develop a successful online presence.
The more we work and research, the better the results of our and thus your clients. We feel that our SEO service at click is among the best in the market.
To ensure this we are constantly looking at innovating our service.
Right now we are at the forefront of white-hat SEO.

“We were never
that successful!”

It is something that you will have to get used to hearing when talking about the situation of your clients online presence. To be honest we know why. Please feel free to give us a call.

There are so many SEO innovations that we are using, we would be happy to discuss these with you.

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