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Social Networking

Social Networking Marketing

A Resource You Can’t Ignore:

With billions of visits per day, the social networks offer an ever growing SEO resource. Our main focus is on arguably the most effective, Facebook, Twitter and Linked In.
The Innovation of Social Media Marketing:

As anyone would expect, Facebook has developed a revenue generator for their efforts in the form of pay per click and pay per impression advertising. What many don’t quite realise yet is just how powerful the medium of facebook ads is.

With customer profiling at a previously unseen level you can now specify down to any combination of many criteria.
Sometimes, local SEO is more effective that national.

Social Networks Bring Visitors to Your Site

As you can imagine you can achieve incredible levels of accuracy on who you target and with traffic levels second to none. The difference with Social Media Marketing is that you’re putting your companies presence infront of people who might not have actually thought about your product before, instead of relying on search engines to generate you traffic from people who are specifically looking for your product or service.
Facebook ads offers two different ways of working

Pay Per Click and Pay Per Impression. Pay per click ranges from just 0.04$ per click through to your website right through to as much as you are willing to spend

(the more specific you get the cheaper the rate although the more you spend the more chance your ad has of being displayed over other competitors) or $0.10

per 1,000 page impressions which means your advert will be displayed on upto 1,000 peoples screens for just $0.10 (minimum spend of $1/day).

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